How to Create Green Spaces at Home and Work

How to Create Green Spaces at Home and Work

On World Environment Day, we are taking a look at how to create green spaces at home and work. Creating green spaces in the home and work environment has positive effects on people, improves the air quality, and creates biodiversity.

Creating Green Spaces at Work

It does not help that most offices are located in fast-moving urbanized areas, which can contribute to a stressful work environment.

Large companies such as Facebook and Amazon attach great importance to indoor green spaces in their new headquarters, relying more on a greenhouse look than on traditional industrial corporate design. As companies embrace green spaces in offices, their environmental focus has shifted from simple recycling efforts to a more holistic approach to sustainability, finding that these changes benefit both employees and the company.

Green spaces at work can also improve employee performance: Scientific research indicates that green spaces alleviate mental fatigue and improve employee performance, satisfaction, learning ability, curiosity, and vigilance.

Choosing the Appropriate spots

Consulting professionals recommend choosing the best spots in the office considering the lighting whether artificial or natural for the plants. Employees can customize their workspace by placing potted plants, bamboo, or cacti at their desks.

Bringing in the Plants

Plants reduce stress, make you happy, increase productivity, make the office look better, improve air quality and provide comfort. You will feel comfortable when you look at the flowers and plants, and they can make an office look better.

Whether you put a few plants on your desk or design an entire green wall, there are unlimited possibilities for designing green spaces at the workplace.

Choose plants that are easy to care

Do not choose plants that cause allergies and create toxins. Consider plants that are easy to care for, easy to grow, and will work for everyone in the office.

Some plants that can be considered and that are easy to care for are Aloe, Snake plant, Dieffenbachia, Spider Plant, Jade, Devil’s Ivy or Pothos, Rubber Plant, Philodendron.

If your office does not allow pets, you can also try having flowers like lilies, Daffodils, palm, tulips.

Creating Green Spaces at Home

The creation of more green spaces in urban areas not only contributes to the natural beauty of cities but also improves the health and well-being of their inhabitants. In addition to increasing biodiversity, green spaces in urban areas reduce smog and air pollution, store rainwater, and capture CO2.

Urban green spaces provide visual relief from seasonal changes and are connected to nature.

Integrating Plants

Create a natural ambience by eliminating clutter and integrating plants into your home. While it can be a challenge to creating green spaces to home, the creative process of turning your space into your garden will add to your happiness meter. Creating an area in your home with live plants provides a healthy focus for your overall design.

Less Space – Use Walls

If you have a small space or you live in condominiums, placing your plants on the floor will make the space look crowded and cluttered. Instead of keeping your plants on the floor and taking up space, put your plants up on the walls. Use sturdy hooks or frames and hang your potted plants up and down the walls or side by side.

Turn the Balcony into a mini garden

Don’t make your balcony look dull. Don’t make it a place where you dry your clothes. Turn your balcony into an extension of an outdoor garden.

Balconies are the best place in your home where you receive the most sunlight and ventilation. Once you visualize how your balcony should look like with your plants, you can install railing and grills and hang your potted plants on them.

Windowsill Plants

If your windows have a windowsill, then take advantage of that space and bring in the plants. Depending on which way your window is facing, you can choose plants accordingly. For windows that receive sunlight throughout the day, choose plants like cacti, jade, geraniums and if your window is towards that part of your home where there is less sunlight, choose plants like, orchids, flame violets, and peace lilies.

Plants make you feel relaxed, calm, and pleasant. They bring in freshness and elegance. Plants are a fantastic way to beautify your home. To create green spaces at home and work any plant can work, all you need to do is make them a part of your home or work décor.

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