Make your House a Home - Color Combinations for Indian Homes

Make your House a Home – Color Combinations for Indian Homes

If you’re looking for a more elegant look that will make your house a home and make your guests stop and look, play around with the color schemes in your home. Not only the wall cladding but also with the help of stools, table accessories, and floor lamps you can bring color to your rooms.

Here are some color combinations that you can take into consideration when you are changing the look of your living room.

Blue and White

One of the most popular color combinations in any home. Blue walls with white chairs and walls and blinds. Maybe throw in a popping blue rug and cushions with hints of blue. Combine your color combination with wooden furniture.

Red and Beige

Rich red carpet with thread pattern determines the mood in a room and chairs covered with cushions can follow the pattern of the carpet. If you do not want to paint your walls red, incorporate the color with furniture upholstered in beige to balance the red.

Teal, Beige and White

More and more people are now experimenting with color and textures in their homes. One of the color that you can experiment with is Teal. Teal is a dazzling color for the loving room. You can color the walls in beige with the carpets and sofa in beige as well. Larger accents and furniture like the coffee table, cushion covers, wall art and lamp shades can be in teal with a little bit of white to break the monotony.


Tangerine Orange can give you the uplift that is required for your living space. For a citrusy punch, being in a simple floor rug with matching orange tone chairs. Go big and bold with this color and keep everything else simple using only one or two accents.

Olive and Peach

Olive and Peach give a feel of spring and autumn and creates a comforting and easy-going vibe. This makes the color combination suitable for any living room. To achieve that comforting effect and introducing the color in the room, combine a patterned sofa with cushions, coffee table book, tray, wall paintings, floor cushions, and a few green plants.

Brown and Green

Another good Indian house design is the colour combination of green and chocolate/brown. Blending in the colours of the forest, this color combination works wonderfully well in your living room. For this combination, just bring in a lot of wooden furniture and plants in to the room. This combination looks the best if you have wooden floors.

Grey on Grey

Monochrome palette with shades of grey bring texture into your home. As a neutral color, grey is a pleasant and easy-going color that is soothing to the eyes. The color adds class and gives a royal and regal look to your room.

Other Combinations

Pair mauve undertones with grey fur and white mouldings for an appearance that softens everything.

Yellow and grey have also become one of the latest living room colours for Indian homes.

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