Aroma Camphor Lamp


Aroma Oil /Camphor (Kapoor) Diffuser Oil Burner-Spa-Fragrance-Home Decor Accessories:

An attractive, simply elegant burner with a unique shape is a must have addition to your home. As the camphor diffuses positivity and eliminates all negative energies that enter your home, this burner can cleanse the mind of a satan with its captivating aroma. This easy to clean and maintain diffuser is made of a brass bowl, marble floor and a glass cover.

Clean the diffuser apparatus after every use.

Dimension: Length: 4″  Width:4″  Height: 6.5″

Dome Dimension: Dia: 4″  Height: 6″

Color: Gold

Material: Brass & Glass

To clean the ageing or natural darkening of brass, use lemon juice or a paste of baking soda and lemon juice and rub gently with a soft cloth.
Rinse off paste and dry plates thoroughly.


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