Pedestal Cake Stand with glass cloche | Cupcake Dessert Stand



Ready to transform your living space? Experience the versatility of the Wood Beaded Cake Stand beyond desserts.
1.Buffet Brilliance: Create a stunning buffet presentation by using the cake stand to showcase a variety of appetizers, finger foods, and desserts.
2. Tiered Tea Party: Host charming tea parties
by using the cake stand as a tiered display. Place scones, sandwiches, and pastries on different levels for an elegant presentation that’s sure to impress your guests.
3. Artful Centrepiece: Turn the cake stand into a captivating centerpiece by arranging decorative elements like candles, flowers. Its unique design adds an artistic touch to your dining table or mantelpiece.
4. Dynamic Decor: Use the cake stand as a riser to showcase decorative items like potted plants, figurines, or collectibles.
5. Functional Organiser: Place the cake stand on your countertop or vanity to organize and display items like skincare products, perfumes, or kitchen essentials like cutlery, tissue paper etc
6. Showcase Keepsakes: Highlight cherished memories by placing framed photos or sentimental items on the cake stand. It becomes a unique display stand.

Size Dia 9″X5″ With cloche Higth :10″

Weight:0.800 Grams
Colour: Pink
Material: Wood
Quantity: Single

In stock

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