Deziworkz Top 5 Products for your Home Decor

Top 5 Home Decor Products to Decorate Your Home

Although decorating your home can be a tricky and daunting task, it can also be an invigorating, energizing, and refreshing experience. Today we are sharing with you Deziworkz’s top 5 home decor products to decorate your home with.

When you are newly decorating or even if you are redecorating your home, it should represent your personality and character. So, start looking for home decor products that represent you.

Here are some home decor items that you can bring in to your home and give your space a new character and look.

Brass Triple Layer Urli

This lotus shaped layered platter cum urli made in brass comes alive with a beautiful finish. The gold makes it a special choice festive décor and an ideal choice for wedding gifts. Use with rose petals or tea lights for an elegant look.

The word Urli is derived from the Tamil word ‘Urulai’ which means round. So, typically Urli is a round vessel. Originally Urlis were used for cooking purposes, however, it serves a number of uses. Not just used for cooking, Urlis are also used in Ayurvedic treatments to prepare herbal potions.

To keep with the tradition, Urlis are being used now-a-days as decorative objects. These are filled with water and vibrant coloured flowers afloat on top. These make a perfect centrepiece and are mainly placed at the entrance for welcoming people in your home or office. They give a sense of good luck and abundance.

Palm Leaf Candle Stand

This fancy bent palm leaf candle stands with its unique design is crafted from metal and glass. The shiny finish gives a glam look to the living room table, on the mantel, and anywhere you need a little warmer glow. It makes a perfect festive gift.

Wall Word “Think”

The word Think brings inspiration. This wall art provides motivation and is the perfect touch for your indoor or outdoor modern home décor ideas. The wall art can be easily hung on any smooth surface and is a great décor item for your home and office that adds a modern yet minimalist touch.

Marble Nesting Table (S/3)

The set of 3 contemporary marble nesting tables makes stunning tables. The marble tabletop has beautiful patterns and can be used in any space or room. The different heights are ideal for books, magazines, lamps, or any other decorative accessory. The nesting function allows you to hide the smaller tables under the larger ones as these pieces are scaled for smaller spaces.

These elegant and attractive round stackable tables are perfect to use as plant stands, bedside table and even as sofa tables. The compact nesting table are ideal for apartments, small homes, cabins, condos and even dormitories.

Leatherite Multi-Purpose Organizer

The luxurious high-quality Leather Tray comes with divided compartments that are easy to slide in and out. Each drawer can hold up to eight different kinds of products. This multi-purpose organizer can be used as your living room coffee serve ware, on an ottoman for keeping media remotes, magazines, for serving morning breakfast, or your evening snacks. The handmade leather tray can also be used to keep cosmetics & jewelry inside your wardrobe or place of storage. Ideal gift for your loved ones and friends on their birthdays, anniversary, festive season, wedding, or any other special occasion.

Hope you enjoyed our picks of decorative products for the home. And if you feel like your home needs a makeover and a redo, visit for more home décor ideas.

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